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"Michael has been dedicated to furthering the art and science of film making for over four decades. If you have a chance to be involved in a project or to consult with Michael, take it! "
  • P. LaBarbera
  • Creative Director
"Working with Michael and Ken has been one of the most impactful events of my life. One of the best businesses I have ever been associated with and two of the finest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. "
  • Blake Synder
  • author of Save the Cat
"I've read many MWP books, and haven't found a clinker among them. Since the bewildering field of film slides between craft and art, a new or experienced filmmaker needs some maps. Michael Wiese's books are road signs."
  • Mary J. Schirmer
  • Absolutewrite.com
"Michael was a very creative and enthusiastic VP at Vestron. His shows were cutting edge and very successful. His staff regarded him with the utmost respect and he was a pleasure to work with."
  • Denise Farley
  • Creative director, Vestron
"The first step in the difficult journey of film-making and screenwriting is knowledge of the craft and industry. The books from MWP will start you in the right direction and serve as reliable reference points on your path to success."
  • Shelly Mellott
  • Script Magazine
"Michael is a top quality film and video professional, equally expert in tapping new trends in the fast evolving marketplace and in connecting effectively with the consumer. "
  • Nora Ryan
  • SVP, Marketing, Showtime Networks
"MWP Books allows you, the reader, to explore the various aspects of the Entertainment Industry. From screenwriting, to budgeting, to directing and production management, the Michael Wiese books should be your guide."
  • Chris Robertson
  • Hollywood Writers Block
"Michael accommodated the needs of many different departments within Showtime leveraging the interstitial programming as an asset. His creative and managerial insights were impressive and he was held in high regard."
  • Jerilyn Kessel
  • Director Program Research, Showtime Networks
"Whether it is making movies or writing books, Michael's extraordinary creativity and desire to teach emerges. It has always been a pleasure professionally and personally to work with him."
  • Janice Whiffen
  • National Sales Director, Vestron Video
"Michael Wiese is one of those rare breed of seminar providers: He's a practitioner as well. With hours and hours of incredibly useful antidotes and insider tips, Michael left us all breathless and inspired."
  • Elliot Grove
  • Founder and Director of Raindance, London
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