Psychology for Screenwriters: Building Conflict in Your Script (2nd Ed)

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Say hello to your new writing partners: Freud, Jung, & Erikson.


People’s lives are made up of good and bad decisions, histories filled with triumph and pain, behaviors formed from a lifetime of experiences — your characters should be no different.

But writing psychologically complex characters requires an understanding of human behavior. Fortunately, you don’t need a PhD in psychology to add complexity to your screenwriting. William Indick will help you add psychological depth to your script with insights from brilliant psychological theorists like Freud, Jung, and Adler.

Get ready to create characters and conflict that will have your audience begging for only one thing—more.


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Meet The Author

William Indick earned his bachelors degree in psychology (1993) and masters degree in music therapy (1996) from New York University. After working as a special education teacher and as a creative arts therapist, he earned his Ph.D. in developmental psychology (2001) from Cornell University.

Dr. Indick is an active screenwriter, author, screenwriting consultant, and an Associate Professor of Psychology at William Paterson University in Wayne, New Jersey, where he writes books and teaches courses in the area of media psychology and psychology in film. His other books include Media Environments and Mental Disorder (2021), The Digital God (2015), Ancient Symbology in Fantasy Literature (2012), The Psychology of the Western (2008), Psycho Thrillers (2006), and Movies and the Mind (2004).

You may contact Dr. Indick through his webpage at: