The Defining Moment: How Writers and Actors Build Characters

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Bring them to life, in a moment.

Aimed at both the head and the heart, The Defining Moment plumbs the depths of the most memorable characters ever to appear on the screen, the stage or the page. The book focuses on those moments so pivotal in a character’s formation that they create a distinct boundary of before and after—moments without which the character couldn’t exist and moments through which characters can transform before our eyes.

Writers, actors and storytellers of all stripes will discover a powerful new key to unlock any character they seek to develop, write or portray. They may even unlock a deeper understanding of themselves.

• The first in-depth study of the essential principles that will redefine the way storytellers understand their characters and themselves.
• Essential insights into the forces that create character
• Dozens of examples of character-defining moments from film, television, theater and literature
• An exploration of pivotol moments: birth, death, discovery, decision-making, injury and healing
• An examination of how writers and actors employ defining moments in their deepest and most unforgettable works
• Insights into how directors, editors, cinematographers and composers dramatize key moments
• Practical exercises for defining and redefining character
• Tips for discovering the moments that matter most
• Deeply personal stories from the authors’ lives to illustrate the variety of moments that define us.

For every storyteller, no matter their medium, The Defining Moment will redefine the way they understand their characters and themselves.



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