The Art of Film Funding: Alternative Financing Concepts (2nd Edition)


Have you ever found money hidden in the pages of a book? Here’s your chance.

In this new and updated edition of The Art of Film Funding, veteran fundraiser and filmmaker Carole Lee Dean tells you everything you need to know to get your film project off the ground. This book should be the centerpiece of every filmmaker’s research library and financing strategy.

Learn winning techniques from a woman who writes checks to independent filmmakers. This book will show you the inside track to funds from corporations and individuals to produce your films. It is the ultimate reference guide for creating the perfect pitch, inspiring your winning application, finding and connecting with funding organizations, making a successful “ask”, and landing the money to make your film.



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Meet The Author

Carole Lee Dean runs one of the largest independent film grants in the US, where she reads hundreds of applications a year. Carole created an industry with film short ends and was the world’s largest tape recycling supplier in NYC, LA, and Chicago. She is the entrepreneurial producer of over 100 programs.