The Film Director’s Intuition: Script Analysis and Rehearsal Techniques

This book is an invaluable and inspirational material for the film, television and theater professional. It helps directors, actors, writers, designers, producers and executives tap into their imagination and instincts, in turn helping them create the films they’ve always dreamed of creating.

Weston’s first book, Directing Actors, is on reading lists of all the major film schools and film studios, and on the bookshelves of working directors in Hollywood and around the world.


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Meet The Author

Judith Weston has written two books (Directing Actors, and The Film Director’s Intuition) for directors, actors, screenwriters—as well as others who may have wondered whether the techniques of actors and filmmakers might be useful in their everyday business and personal lives.

Born in Maine, Judith grew up in New England, and by an early age was drafting brother, cousins, and neighborhood children into living room and back-yard theatrical productions. She dropped out of college in the ’60s, and moved to New York City’s East Village, working in a bank by day, and (off-hours) organizing “guerrilla theater” events such as the 1968 picketing of the Miss America Contest. When she moved to Berkeley, California in 1970, she started studying acting for real.