The Power of Film

The Power of Film

the-power-of-film ,

The definitive A to Z course on the intricacies of film—and now a 6-episode series (licensed by Turner Classic Movies) that summarizes Howard Suber’s 50+ years of teaching film at UCLA.

Each entry in this remarkable book has already inspired and educated several generations of Hollywood’s greatest filmmakers and writers. This book examines the patterns and principles that make films popular and memorable, and is equally useful both to those who want to create films and to those who just want to understand them better.

“Howard Suber’s understanding of film storytelling fills the pages of this wise, liberating book. Much of it is surprisingly contrary to what ‘everyone knows.’ A remarkable work.”
—Francis Ford Coppola


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Meet The Author

If anyone can be called the “Yoda” of filming, it’s Howard Suber.

For 46 years, Howard Suber has taught generations of screenwriters, directors, producers, and film scholars at UCLA’s celebrated film school, and his former students are today creating films and television programs and teaching film studies throughout the world.

He created and for many years chaired UCLA’s current Film and Television Producers Program, which is focused on the realities of the modern film and television industries. He has team-taught with, or brought into the Producers Program, many of the most important movie studio heads, agents, producers, lawyers, and executives in the industry.