Between the Scenes: What Every Film Director, Writer, and Editor Should Know About Scene Transitions


“What is drama but life with the dull bits cut out.” — Alfred Hitchcock

This text is written about the power of scene transitions as a visual storytelling tool. Make your audience feel your story on an emotional level through shifts in time, place, and character. Filmmaker, radio producer, and film scholar Jeffrey Michael Bays has taken what used to be vague instinct and turned it into the primary driving force behind connecting your audience emotionally with your story.



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Meet The Author

Jeffrey Michael Bays is a contributor to MovieMaker Magazine, Peter Marshall’s Directors Chair, and is best known for writing and producing the award-winning radio satire Not From Space (2003) on XM Satellite Radio. This pioneering audio production was recently listed by Time Out magazine as among the top five essential radio plays of all time.

Jeffrey was born and raised in mid-Missouri to parents from the US Navy. Being from the Midwest gives him a homespun sense of humor that permeates all of his creative endeavors, but at the same time a pioneering drive to reach beyond and find new ideas to explore.

After the first XM Radio broadcast, he journeyed to Australia to make his first feature film, Offing David. It was this homage to Alfred Hitchcock which inadvertently launched Jeffrey as an expert on Hitchcock cinematic techniques, creating the world’s foremost website on the subject. Jeffrey holds an MA in Cinema from La Trobe University in Melbourne.