Visual Storytelling: How to Speak to the Audience Without Saying a Word

visual-storytelling-how-to-speak-to-the-audience-without-saying-a-word ,

Don’t tell it. Show it!

Visual Storytelling covers all major components of creating powerful images, including lighting, camera functions, composition and storytelling. However, the main focus of the book is not just creating compelling visuals, but more importantly creating images that inform and move the audience. Images carry emotional weight and Visual Storytelling teaches readers how to harness these emotions to maximize the emotion of the story, while minimizing the amount of dialogue necessary.

What makes Visual Storytelling unique is that it not only covers the theoretical concepts of filmmaking but also the technical elements necessary to achieve the emotional outcome. This combination of theory and practice helps to create well informed and skilled filmmakers.



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Meet The Author

Morgan Sandler is a professor of Digital Film Production at the University of La Verne in Southern California.

Although he teaches a wide array of classes, he specializes in film production and theory. His love of visual storytelling and creating powerful images guides his teaching and curriculum as does his passion for education.

Previously, he helped design the Digital Cinematography program at California State University, Los Angeles where he also served as an adjunct professor. He also previously served as the Course Director of Cinematography at The Los Angeles Film School, where he taught for 10 years.

Morgan has spent nearly 20 years working professionally as a cinematographer and camera operator for the film and television industries, which he continues to do when outside of the classroom. Morgan holds an M.F.A. in Film, Television and Theatre from California State University Los Angeles.

Morgan is also an avid landscape photographer, who enjoys travelling with his family and documenting their journeys. He is a proud husband and father of two wonderful daughters; Stella and Eleanor.