The Invisible Cut: How Editors Make Movie Magic

The book reveals how the editor—like a magician—manipulates his audience by using sleight of hand and seduces them by anticipating their needs and desires. Only then can he create those invisible cuts that grab them and keep them on the edge of their seats.

Part One lays out the rules, strategies and techniques as well as the evolution of editing in movie history. Part Two shows the actual work of master editors by using 248 frame grabs individual frames from thirteen famous scenes.

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Meet The Author

Bobbie O’Steen is a New York-based film writer and historian, dedicated to sharing the editor’s invisible art with students, professionals, and the movie-going public. Educated at Stanford University, she is an Emmy-nominated film editor and the author of two acclaimed books about editing.

O’Steen has hosted evenings honoring master editors involving screening and discussion at UCLA Film and Television Archive, Emerson College, NYU and 92Y Tribeca and is now is partnered with Manhattan Edit Workshop for an ongoing series called “Inside the Cutting Room.” She also moderates panels for American Cinema Editors’ EditFest and, in addition, provides commentary and interviews for Criterion Collection releases of such classic films as A Hard Day’s Night, Don’t Look Now, In Cold Blood, and The Graduate.

O’Steen has taught graduate film workshops at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and has recently created an ongoing course entitled Making the Cut, which is based on her interviews and examines the art and technique of master editors. She contributes to such publications as Editors Guild Magazine and Cinema Editor Magazine, the latter recently naming her “Film Editing’s Greatest Champion.”