Film Editing: Great Cuts Every Filmmaker and Movie Lover Must Know


Composing shots with your camera is one thing.

Making your video rock through editing is another. This one-of-a-kind book is your must-have cheat sheet for making the cuts that editors use to create memorable movies. Fantastic for filmmakers, students, moviegoers, or anyone who wants to discover how cuts affect the viewer and the movie’s story. YouTube filmmakers: This book will juice up your creations!

Film Editing makes the invisible art of editing visible by using 600 colorful frames from popular, recent films. The frames, accompanied by brisk descriptions, are perfect for readers who like to gaze as well as those who prefer to graze. Written by an editor and the author of Cut by Cut, this picture dictionary of cuts shows you how filmed frames are edited together to craft movies that zing audiences with their pacing, character connections, and enduring stories.


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Meet The Author

Gael Chandler, based in Los Angeles, was nominated twice for a Cable Emmy for comedy editing and has trained hundreds of professionals on digital editing systems and students on editing systems, practices and theory.

She has edited comedies, dramas, documentaries, features, corporate videos, and promos, and cut on every type of medium: film, tape, and digital. Nominated twice for a Cable ACE award for editing a comedy series.

Additionally she has taught editing practices and history at Loyola Marymount University and California State Universities at Long Beach, Los Angeles, and Northridge, and has trained hundreds of professionals, independent filmmakers, professors, and students to operate digital editing equipment.