39 Steps to Better Screenwriting: A Practical Guide to Improving Your Screenplay (Kindle Edition)


This is not a beginner’s book on screenplay writing, though a beginner could read it and learn.

This is a writer’s consigliere. It’s a book of advice and reflection that will kick ass against just about any screenwriting problem. It’s a series of essays on film and television writing, a deep background on very specific craft issues ranging from punctuation to meaning in your screenplay.

Chapters range from “The Antagonist as a Good Guy” to how to establish an emotional core in your script, to one on Katy Perry’s use of story in her concerts (Yes, that Katy Perry) to “The Power of Story.” There’s even one called “What Film School Should I Go to?” You’ll want to carry it with you to the Starbucks and consult it like you would your best friend when you run into trouble. It will get you to think about your writing in new ways and to give you the tools to express those thoughts. It’s a writer’s secret weapon, and now you can have it, too.

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Meet The Author

Paul Chitlik has written for all the major networks and studios in English and in Spanish.
He was story editor for MGM/UA'S "The New Twilight Zone," and staff writer for
Showtime's sitcom "Brothers." He has written features for Rysher Entertainment,
NuImage, Promark, Mainline Releasing, and others. He has directed episodes and been
coordinating producer for “Real Stories of the Highway Patrol” and “U.S. Customs
Classified.” He wrote and produced “Alien Abduction,” the first network movie shot on
digital video for UPN. He wrote, produced, and directed “Ringling Brothers Revealed” a
special for The Travel Channel. (He had been a roustabout for Circus Vargas years
earlier.) Most recently he wrote, produced and directed “The Wedding Dress,” for
Amazon Prime. He received a Writers Guild of America award nomination for his work
on "The Twilight Zone" and a GLAAD Media Award nomination for "Los Beltrán,” a
Telemundo show. He won a Genesis Award for a Showtime Family movie.
He has taught in the MFA programs of UCLA, the University of Barcelona’s film school
ESCAC, Cuba’s film school EICTV, Chile’s film school UNIACC, The University of Zulia in
Venezuela, The Panamerican University in Mexico City, The Story Academy of Sweden
and as a clinical associate professor at Loyola Marymount University. Now writing full
time again and living near his grandson in Chapel Hill, NC, with wife, Beth McCauley.