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All the passion, discovery and encouragement that can be crammed into one easy to read Mini Book.  A guide to creative success by Pen Densham an Oscar nominated Hollywood producer/director/writer, whose productions have grossed more than a billion dollars.

Pen offers from the heart guidance to all imaginative thinkers in the process of turning their craft into a profession. Drawing from personal experience, both positive and bad, he explores the psychology of the roadblocks that often hold creative thinkers back from pursuing the work of greatest importance to them. He offers strategies for working through common pitfalls including self-doubt, intimidation, competition, and rejection. And rich approaches to realizing one’s dreams. 

The Creative Person’s Survival Manual is a must-read for creative thinkers in all artistic fields about trusting intuition and persevering in all modern industries that can seem, at times, insensitive to the ways in which artists ideate and produce.

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Meet The Author

As principal of Trilogy Entertainment Group, Pen Densham is an accomplished writer-director-producer.

Pen created the story for the revisionist Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and co-wrote and produced the screenplay with his Trilogy partner John Watson. He wrote and directed Moll Flanders for MGM, as well as writing and directing Houdini for TNT.

Pen and Trilogy have produced 14 feature films and worked with talent like Jay Baruchel, Jeff Bridges, Bill Murray, Morgan Freeman, Ron Howard, Kevin Costner, Sylvester Stallone, Norman Jewison, Jodie Foster, Emile Hirsch, Mark Ruffalo, and Robin Wright.

Pen is also proud to have personally revived both The Outer Limits and The Twilight Zone franchises for their return to television, and was named the 8th most powerful person in Science Fiction by Cinefantastique magazine.