Horror Screenwriting: The Nature of Fear


Why horror works.

And how to write a solid horror screenplay well grounded in the tricks of the grave. The book is ideal for screenwriters, writers, university film students, and horror film aficionados that want to gain a deeper understanding of the genre.



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Meet The Author

Devin was born in Brunswick, Georgia, in 1978. Growing up watching countless horror films due to many childhood maladies, he harbored an active imagination and a love of writing. He pursued his study of screenwriting through high school and college while studying Computer Science.

His work culminated in the production of The Cursed in 2007 which premiered on the SyFy Channel. He is also the co-founder of Screenwriter’s Utopia, one of the largest online communities of professional and amateur screenwriters. In addition, he helps other independent filmmakers produce the highest quality films possible without compromising their art.

Devin currently resides in Tennessee and has no plans to let The Man grind him down.