Richard La Motte

Richard La Motte loves stories. Stories about history, about people, about mysterious and exotic places, about love, danger, and adventure. Stories about behavior, about motivation, about self-realization and self-deception—in other words, stories about us: humans.

This passion is a result of Richard joining the Marine Corp just out of high school. A passion born out of working in the motion picture industry as a costume designer (The Mask of Zorro, The Last of the Mohicans, Rambo III), art director, technical advisor, and director – traveling around the world, setting up departments in foreign countries, working with major Hollywood actors and actresses.

Storyteller. Worked in off-beaten places in six continents. History lover. Reader and researcher. Collector. Artist. Designer. Music lover. Husband. Father. Observer of people.

Full of life’s experiences, Richard LaMotte brings his unique talents, keen eye, and sense of humor to his writing—both fiction and non-fiction. Retired now from the motion picture industry, Richard is devoting his time to his love of stories—writing adventures for you.