A Creative Person’s Success Manual – Free eBook Offer


All the passion, discovery and encouragement that can be crammed into one easy to read Mini Book. A guide to creative success by Pen Densham an Oscar nominated Hollywood producer – director – writer, whose productions have grossed more than a billion dollars.

Pen offers from the heart guidance to all imaginative thinkers in the process of turning their craft into a profession. Drawing from personal experience, both positive and bad, he explores the psychology of the roadblocks that often hold creative thinkers back from pursuing the work of greatest importance to them. He offers strategies for working through common pitfalls including self-doubt, intimidation, competition, and rejection. And rich approaches to realizing one’s dreams.

The Creative Person’s Survival Manual is a must-read for creative thinkers in all artistic fields about trusting intuition and persevering in all modern industries that can seem, at times, insensitive to the ways in which artists ideate and produce.