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William Indick, Ph.D.

I am a Professor of Psychology at Dowling College, a small liberal arts college on the banks of the Connetquot River, on the southern shore of eastern Long Island. My latest nonfiction book, “The Digital God: How Technology will Reshape Spirituality in the Digital Age,” was recently published by McFarland Publishers. “The Digital God” explains how spirituality evolved, how it develops in people from infancy through adulthood, how it is hardwired in the brain, and how the influences of digital media may reshape the experience of spirituality in the near future. It’s the first book to explore the influence of media on spirituality, and the only book that predicts the impact of the digital environment on our experience of the spiritual world. The title refers to the possible future of spiritual experience, a future in which our perception of God is forged out of a digital interface between our own internal image of the divine, virtual reality technology that produces real perceptions, and neurological devices that stimulate specific areas of the brain that are associated with spiritual perceptions.

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