MWP’s Annual Pre Oscars Bash – March 3, 2018


On March 3, 2018, 10:00am-11:30am Pacific Standard Time, Top MWP authors will be hosting the annual MWP Pre Oscars Bash at the LA Film Film Studies Center, where they dish and talk about their favorite picks and pans for the 2018 Oscars.

The event will be livestreamed for FREE on the MWP Facebook page for all to see and engage in the discussion of what to expect from this years Oscars. All you need to do is visit the MWP Facebook page at the date and time to join in.

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John Bucher

John Bucher is a writer, communicator, and cultural mythologist based out of Hollywood, California. He is the author of six books including Master of the Cinematic Universe: The Secret Code to Writing in the New World of Media (Michael Weise Productions) which he co-authored with Jeremy Casper.

He has worked with companies including HBO, DC Comics, The History Channel, A24 Films, The John Maxwell Leadership Foundation and served as a consultant and writer for numerous film, television, and Virtual Reality projects.


Jeremy Casper

Jeremy Casper is a writer/director/producer as well as a film instructor, lecturer, and story consultant. He is the Co-Director of the Los Angeles Film Studies Center where he teaches Narrative Storytelling, Hollywood Production Workshop, and Professional Screenwriting. Jeremy has led screenwriting and directing seminars all over the world, in partnership with The Global Short Film Network and the Visual Story Network and will be a featured speaker at this year’s Story Gathering in Nashville, TN. Jeremy’s first feature film, Vacant House (which he wrote, directed, and produced) has won numerous festival awards for screenwriting, directing, acting, and best picture. He has co-authored two books on writing for short films – The Inside Out Story: Discovering Structure for Short Films, and his most recent, Master of the Cinematic Universe: The Secret Code to Writing in the New World of Media, through world-renowned film-book publisher, Michael Wiese Productions. Jeremy is currently working on a new book about the psychology of cinematic characters as well as writing, directing, and producing a fantasy film that will feature traditional (


CGI) special effects and puppetry.


Noami Beaty

Naomi Beaty is a screenwriter and script reader in Los Angeles. She worked with Blake Snyder on his second book, Save the Cat! Goes to the Movies: The Screenwriter’s Guide to Every Story Ever Told and teaches Save the Cat!® online beat sheet screenwriting workshops.


Pamela Jaye-Smith

PAMELA JAYE SMITH is a mythologist, author, international consultant-speaker, and award-winning writer-producer-director with 30+ years in media. Credits include Fox, Disney, Paramount, Microsoft, Universal, RAI-TV Rome, UCLA, AFI, Natl. Film Institute of Denmark, LA and Marseille WebFests, Romance Writers of America, media festi vals and story conferences. Pamela is the author of the MWP books THE POWER OF THE DARK SIDE and ROMANTIC COMEDIES: These FILMS Can Save Your Love Life.

Steve Katz

Steve Katz is the Executive Producer at Xing Xing Studios in Beijing one of the fastest growing studios in China. Steve is responsible for the development of original motion picture and television production for the international market and continues to write and direct on select projects. Currently, he is the Producer/Writer on the animated feature SMART that is in

pre production

in L.A.  He is also the Executive Producer for Wild Animal Babies an 80-episode educational partnership with the National Wildlife Federation. The show aired in October 2010.


Steve Kaplan

For years, Steve Kaplan has been the industry’s most sought-after expert on comedy. The author of the best-selling The Hidden Tools of Comedy, he has taught at UCLA, NYU, Chapman University and Yale. He has taught his world-famous Comedy Intensive workshops and seminars in LA, New York, London, Paris, Tel Aviv, Melbourne, Sydney, Munich and Rio, as well as at Disney, DreamWorks Animation, and Aardman Animation. He is currently working on his new book, The Comic Hero’s Journey.